Washer / Dryer Repair

Of all the recent inventions, washing machines and dryers are some of the choices which help to make modern life far easier. Without them, we would be reduced to spending hours a day on laundry, and would be in a serious predicament when it comes to balancing kids, school and work!


Our reliance on these appliances means that we can feel totally lost if they choose to break down on us, and so it is essential to have an excellent repair service on tap if that happens. At Ben’s Appliance Repair, we are dedicated to helping ensure you have just that.


Common Issues with Washing Machines

  • Noisy

If your washing machine is making some strange noises such as squealing or rattling, it is a good idea to give us a call.

  • Leaking

If you notice a puddle, this is a sign that something has gone wring further in the machine. Getting this fixed at the earliest stage can save a lot of effort later on.

  • Machine does not Start

A problem with the electronics can cause the machine to fail to start.

  • Timer is not working

The timer is an important element of the device, but a faulty timer motor can prevent it from working.

  • Machine shakes or moves

The first thing to do is to check the appliance is on a level surface. If it still continues to movement give us a call.

  • Water under or over fills

If the machine fails to fill with water, you could have an issue with the water inlet valve. A washing machine which fills too much could be the result of a water level pressure switch malfunctioning.

  • Water is neither cold nor hot

If the temperature regulating switch is faulty, or there is a problem with the inlet hose, you may find that the water is the wrong temperature.


Common Issues with Dryers




  • Dryer Fails To Start-Up

If you have plugged in your dryer but have no signs of life, you may have an electrical problem – this needs to be handled by a professional.


  • The Dryer Works but Fails to Heat

A faulty thermal resistor can result in your dryer switching on and off again quickly. There could also be an issue with your temperature sensor.


  • The Dryer Vibrates Wildly and is Noisy

Excessive movement could mean that your appliance is off-balance – make sure it is placed on a level surface to avoid further damage.


  • Clothes are Taking Too Long to Dry

The main issue here is a clogged filter, and this can be easily checked and maintained. If the problem persists, get in touch and one of our team will conduct a thorough investigation.


  • Clothes Won’t Dry Even after the Filter is Clean

If you have checked the filter but clothes are still not drying properly, there could be an issue with the vent, or one of the components further inside the machine. One of our experts will be able to diagnose the problem and offer you the best repair solution quickly and easily.