Ice Maker Repair

It is hard to deny that the chance to relax with a refreshing, ice-cold beverage on a scalding hot say is one of the greatest joys in life. Picture the scene: the sun is shining, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and you head inside to fix yourself a drink. As you reach the ice maker, you notice a puddle on the floor…and the appliance is on the blink.


Replacing your ice maker can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and it could be an expense you just can’t handle right now. Luckily, we have the answer to your issues.

Here at Ben’s Appliance Repair, we are qualified to tackle and household repair with ease, and offer fast, reliable service at a seriously affordable price.

Can I Fix It Myself?

For an ice maker to be working properly, it should be running at around zero to five degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher, and you have a serious issue. This could be due to a dodgy component, a broken element, or an electrical fault; whatever the problem, the safest thing to do is let the experts handle it. Trying to fix the problem yourself could be dangerous – and you may end up making things worse.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Ice Maker isn’t working

One of the biggest issues you may run into is that your ice maker is not working at all. This could be due to a clogged water line or filter, a water inlet valve which is malfunctioning, or a problem with the door switch. A problem with the control arm of the ice bin is also a possibility, and one of our technicians will be able to diagnose and address the problem in no time!


If you notice that your appliance is leaking water into the freezer or on the floor, you may have an ice maker which has been shifted out of alignment. A damaged supply line is another possibility or something else inside the unit. Give us a call for a fast repair!


Ice won’t eject/tastes bad/looks odd

All ice is not created equally, and you may notice that your ice looks or tastes a little odd when you try your drink. This could indicate a problem with the inlet valve or supply line, or a malfunctioning water filter, Something may also have become stuck or trapped, and this could lead to issues such as mold or a faulty circuit. If you notice a strange taint to your ice, it is best to get in touch – we can figure out the problem, and restore your appliance to full health!


Should I consider a replacement?

Most ice machines are designed to last for around five years without breaking, and so a repair is a far more cost-effective solution if your appliance is younger than this. We will be totally up front with you after our initial diagnosis, and let you know as soon as possible if you need a replacement. Where possible, we will repair your existing ice maker, saving you precious money!