Brands We Repair

When it comes to purchasing household appliances, most of us will naturally gravitate to tried and tested brands we know and love. From washers to dryers, refrigerators to ice makers, there are a few familiar names which crop up time and time and again as firm fan favorites.

Here at Ben’s Appliance Repairs, our trained technicians are experts in all the major brands and are dedicated to offering a first-class repair service for each and every appliance.


  • GE

With over a century’s worth of experience, GE are known for their innovations which are designed to enhance the lives of their customers.


  • Samsung

Samsung are undisputed tech giants, and their genius has impacted the home appliance market in a major way, largely through taking full advantage of a range of smart technology features. You can now control everything from your fridge to your washing machine via your smartphone, and Samsung are dedicated to coming up with increasingly creative concepts to keep customers hooked.


  • LG

With an amazing global presence, LG blends the latest innovation with a reliable and trustworthy brand, and customers have proven their popularity time and again. This is a brand who particularly excels when it comes to offering laundry services, but their range does include the whole gamut of household essentials.


  • Bosch

Bosch are largely known for their kitchen appliances, but they offer products for every aspect of the home. They excel at providing customers with top-quality offerings, and with over 150 years of experience in the industry, it is safe to assume that they know their stuff. Bosch are also a brand with a reputation for the very best customer support, and this is a valuable asset for any company!


  • Maytag

Maytag achieve the rarity of combining excellent support with an amazing product line, and offer an impressive 10-year warranty on all of their appliances – pretty strong testament to their faith in their own brand!



  • Kenmore

Kenmore is a name most commonly associated with refrigerators, but they have expended this in recent years to include a whole host of appliances for all around the house. Their products are glossy and glam, with a design to suit every interior and taste, and a host of price tags to match.


  • Frigidaire

If you are looking for quality on a budget, Frigidaire should be your first port of call. Their products are basic and simple, though still super high quality, and contains all the basic features you could ask for. If the price is an issue, you can guarantee longevity and great quality by buying a Frigidaire model.


  • Viking

Once the preserve of the professionals, it is easy to see why Viking has developed such a strong reputation across the domestic market. Their appliances are built to last, and you will be able to pick up a serious bargain at a very reasonable price.


Here at Ben’s Appliance Repair, we are able to tackle all of these brands with ease; plus any others which fall our way! Give us a call today to see how we can help.